About Our Luxury Candles & Incense

Iron c.1938

In 1938, my grandfather helped lay the South American pipeline. He documented his time there through photographs which inspired the name Iron. By pairing original fragrances to his stunning images, we wanted to offer a unique and elegant scent experience. Masculine, distinguished and perfect for any decor. This luxury line uses clean phthalate-free fragrances, natural oils and clean sustainable coconut wax. Offering two sizes: 6.5 oz and 10 oz. with luxury packaging. Small batch crafted and hand poured in Franklin, TN.


Wright Home Collection - Luxury Candles, Hand Poured, Hand Decor

Jo/Ry is the first candle line for Wright Home Collection. Five essence filled fragrances crafted to be burned together or by themselves. 6.5oz of organic coconut wax poured in a matte white vessel make these the perfect candles for any home decor. We also offer the 4oz travel tin in white and gold. Perfect for an office space or travel.


Wright Home Collection - Hand Dipped Incense

Our hand dipped charcoal incense will fill your home with the beautiful aroma from our very own curated luxury fragrances. Incense is the perfect scent booster for any space and the fragrance lingers even after it is extinguished.